Who We Are

Here at Breakthrough Living Recovery Community, we know that addiction treatment can seem like a bubble of safety. From the caring counselors, regular therapy, and dedicated case managers who work to create a secure and stress-free environment during treatment, the return to regular life can be a jarring experience. Many people who transition straight back into their old routine find themselves caught in a cycle of treatment and relapse as the pressures of life come flooding back.

That’s why transitional living is so important. We give you a safe, substance-free home to live in while you get back on your feet where you will be constantly surrounded by your peers in recovery. By staying plugged into the community, you will be taking large strides toward lasting and successful sobriety.

At Breakthrough Living, you will also learn valuable life skills that are designed to ease your transition back to everyday routines. Our philosophy is to make sure that no one is ever left twisting in the wind after treatment. The caring staff here is completely committed to your recovery and will provide you with whatever tools you may need to see that become a reality in your life. We want to help you break through the cycle of relapse and start living a life free from the shackles of addiction.

Facility Features

  • Sober Living

    Our facility is a safe haven for those who have been through treatment and need a secure environment to readjust to everyday life and to get back on their feet.

  • Life Skills

    During active addiction, many mundane tasks can be neglected for the sake of the next high. We help you with everything from maintaining a living space to grocery shopping and even finding a job.

  • Recovery Community

    One of the best ways to fight relapse before it even begins is to surround yourself with others who share your struggle and can hold you accountable.

One of the best ways to fight relapse before it even begins is to surround yourself with others who share your struggle and can hold you accountable.

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We are part of the delphi family

Breakthrough Living is a part of a nationwide network of addiction treatment centers known as Delphi Behavioral Health Group. As a member of the Delphi family, we are dedicated to working alongside you each and every step of the way as you journey toward recovery and lasting sobriety. Our programs are designed to put you and your goals first in every aspect of treatment.
We exemplify the Delphi Difference, which is our client-centered approach that brings a new standard of quality to addiction treatment. Our programs don’t just target the physical factors of addiction, they also address the thoughts and behaviors that serve as the roots of addiction. By using clinically-proven methods and therapies, we can help you find who you are in your sobriety.
The facilities that makeup Delphi’s network give us access to the full continuum of treatment. From detox facilities to our very own transitional living homes, we can connect with you no matter where you are along your recovery journey.